Permaculture Design Melbourne

Our Permaculture design consultancy services are available now throughout Melbourne.

Using sustainable strategies for urban and acreage living based on Permaculture design, an edible landscape can save you time and money by harmoniously integrating your lifestyle into your garden and into your kitchen.

We have 4 options of Design Consultancy to meet a range of needs:

  • Basic Design Consultancy $150
  • Basic Design Consultancy + $370
  • Intermediate Design Consultancy $850
  • Full Design Consultancy $1750


Basic Design Consultancy
This allows for up to 1.5 on site, where we meet and walk around your garden/land and discuss your vision, time and budget. I assess your site, and create a rough sketch concept plan which outlines the basic elements that could make up your edible landscape. This is an opportunity to observe and identify the energy flows of your system, your culinary desires and introduce you to edible plants you may not be aware of.

Basic Design Consultancy +
For $370, We undertake the above plus spend another 4 hrs off site creating a computer generated to scale base map and concept plan, and provide 2-3 page report detailing site conditions, design recommendations and the various elements of the design.

Intermediate Design Consultancy
For $850, We create a more detailed computer generated design with plant selection and placement, and a 10-15 page report detailing site conditions, design recommendations/options, selected plants and describing the various elements of the design.

Full Design Consultancy
Full Designs cost $1750 (more for larger or distant sites) and include, a site analysis diagram and report, A detailed A3 computer generated design, irrigation plan, costing of plants and materials, and a 20-30 page design report similar to the above but including implementation, maintenance guides, and other relevant information.

Elements of a edible landscape may include, herb spirals, raised veggie beds, keyhole and mandala kitchen gardens compost bays, worm farms, chicken/duck systems, food forests, edible and ornamental flower beds, grey water and water harvesting systems.

We have completed permaculture designs for clients in Melbourne, Central Victoria, Northern NSW and Far North Queensland.