Sabbatical in Australia

I’ve been back in Australia for the past few months after 7 years in Peru. I’ll be around for a few more months and am available for Permaculture Consultancy/Design and Project Management. Please contact Adam on 0478891019
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Article about Sach’a Munay

Please check out this article on Sach’a Munay, the ngo I am working for here in Peru!  
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Working with Sach’a Munay

I am please to share that I am now employed full time by the Non-Profit Association¬† Sacha Munay. Sacha Munay is financailly supported by the Yoga and retreat center of the same name. Officially my job translates to ‘Leader of Permaculture Projects’. Some of our projects i
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Mattkel Regenerative Center Kickstarter Campaign

Friend and fellow permaculturist Matthew Onyeanula has launched a kickstarted campaign to establish a permaculture farm and education centre in Ghana. Please follow this link to view and support this project.  
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Contour Garden Beds

Contour beds are annual and/or perennial vegetable garden beds that conform to the natural pattern of the landscape. Being on contour means that the paths and beds themselves are level and follow the lay of the land. Not only does this create an attractive pattern on the landscape thi
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Food Forests

Food Forests are modeled on a natural woodland forest system, however they are created to serve the purpose of providing our needs; in this case food! They mimic the way forests functions as self-regulating systems. With help from us we can nurture and guide them to create abundant or
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